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Software Development - Expert Business Solutions Developer

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My name is Carl Schwarz (Bachelor of Computer Science) and Schwarz Software is my software solutions business. With over 15 years designing and developing Business Management solutions for some of the largest and smallest SME's in Australia, I'm here to help make your company shine and your life easier through software solutions. Let me use my experience to create a solution for you. I have a history of serving customers in Australia, the US, the UK, and New Zealand.

I create robust, easy to use, low cost solutions to help run your business. My solutions deploy to all major platforms, Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android from the same application. I use rapid application development environments where possible to maximise the return on investment to your business. I create easy to use solutions which provide benefits to all users of your system and are a joy to use.

I am a systems analyst with experience developing solutions and work flows for a wide range of industries including transport, agriculture, medical, educational, store fronts, all trades (electrical, mechanical, etc.), and even personal applications. I can boost your return on investment for your project by suggesting extra features and bringing added value to your solution from my broad experience with business. I specialise in FileMaker Pro / Go, Webdirect and native web integration, native mobile applications and Business Intelligence dashboards. I can modify your current solution or create a new solution. I provide 24/7 software and IT support for my solutions.

Would you like your field dockets to be digitized? Would you like to create your own scheduling software? Would you like a custom client area or other application on your website? Would a powerful Business Intelligence dashboard help you make better business decisions? I can create the solution you have dreamed of. Start small and add to your solution as you require or allow me to create a complete solution for you.

FileMaker, mobile and web applications are my speciality, however should you have other requirements there are three qualified engineers at Schwarz Software to create your custom solution. A FileMaker Pro expert, a BI and SQL expert, and an expert hardware and embedded software Engineer. Contact me today to kick-start your solution!

Server Hosting

We use high quality reliable servers. Our Australian based servers include:
- 24x7 Monitoring
- Network redundancy with multiple fibre connections from Telstra, Primus, Sole TPG, and PIPE
- Self-Healing Failover, in the event of hardware failover your server will automatically mount on new hardware and keep running
- Offsite backups to Amazon S3 storage in a different Australian city to your server
- Windows Server 2012 R2 or 2016 (supported by FileMaker Server 15, 16 and 17)
- Administrator access to the Windows Server and the FileMaker Server administrator console

We also resell overseas server hosting including server management using Amazon Web Services EC2.
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FileMaker Business Alliance Member

Schwarz Software is a FileMaker Business Alliance member having undergone vetting by FileMaker and has access to special FileMaker benefits. Contact me to discuss FileMaker license renewal or new license purchases and see if you qualify for a discount!
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FileMaker Business Alliance Member

FileMaker Pro Technologies - FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, Webdirect

Hardware Development - Expert Hardware and Electronics Engineer

I specialise in creating Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) solutions and custom hardware beacons for FileMaker GO. I create hardware, firmware and accompanying mobile applications. Custom beacons can be micro sized down to approx 1 cubic centimeter in size, or be larger and have multi year battery life. The beacons / tags have up to 200m range (up to 700m in America) from mobile phones and wifi base stations. Bluetooth Low Energy is also known as BLE or Bluetooth Smart.
Should you require bluetooth tracking, custom sensors or asset / tool tags out in the field we can create custom hardware and mobile applications. Tags requiring 3G/LTE mobile phone tower access can also be created. Tags can be used to track location and can include extra sensors to monitor just about anything. We have low and high volume manufacturing lines established. Off the shelf BLE tags with sensors start from $50 AUD per tag, manufactured cost at volume is lower.

Custom Hardware PCBA and Manufacturing


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Endeavour Tools Pique Skin Facemask Custom FileMaker Development

Geobox geoforce Custom FileMaker Calendar Applications

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